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Are you in the know when it comes to you and your family’s health? There are so many illnesses and germs flying around, especially in the colder months of the year, that it is so important that you and your family stay healthy and happy. But with all of the opposing views on health it is really difficult to know exactly what advice and information is the best to take. Methods always seem to be changing, like if you should let a baby sleep on their front or on their back and if you have a nose bleed should you lean your head back or lean it forward?

Then you have these cowboy online doctors who although seem great when you think of the convenience of not having to leave you home to go to a face to face doctors appointment, can actually cause more harm then good. Having a wrong diagnosis can be the difference between life and death. If you are not given the right information on your health then current conditions can worsen, new conditions can develop and once treatable conditions can become fatal and untreatable. Because of this it is so important to know that you are getting 100% accurate advice and information. 


The team

In The Know are a reliable and trustworthy comprehensive health service that you can depend on. Our team is made up of qualified and experienced health professionals who have dedicated their careers to making the community a healthier one. We have specialists in a range of different areas so that whatever your healthcare problem may be, we can help you. Our staff is always updating their knowledge on certified training courses and workshops to make sure that you are brought the most accurate and safe health advice that is available.  



We have a really great e-library full of resources for you to browse through. It consists of e-books, articles, fact files and media footage. There are also full lists of health problems, their diagnosis and tips on how to avoid such health risks in the future. There is also a long list of treatments and medications that are advised to take for certain health related illnesses.


Live updates

We offer live updates of all health related news and information. Whether it is a press release from a hospital or a newspaper article about a new pharmaceutical drug. We will have it live as it is released for you to view, along with our professional take on the information.


24 hour help

We are available 24-hours a day and 7 days a week to support you. If you have any questions relating to health then feel free to give our team a call or message them via our instant messaging application and we will give you friendly and accurate advice.



We also have a list of healthcare professionals should you be looking for one in your area. We can provide you with addresses, telephone numbers and surgery details for your convenience.



They are so healthy!

In The Know are a really good source for all things health related. Whenever something is going on the world they are always the first to know and give honest and unbiased opinions. I always go to them!
Jenny Melanone


I like to keep up to date with my healthawareness. In The Know give great and accurate information on health topics as well as loads of advice and support too! I would recommend them to anyone!
Mark Phillips